Special solutions

What are special solutions?

This product, which we called ”Corpolead CRM | Special", is intended to present the standard CRM platform in a format specially adapted for some customers. Thus, the Corpolead team can add new functionality to the CRM platform at your request and help in turning it into an important part of existing business processes of your company. 

Corpolead can be useful for any type of customer segment

Customer satisfaction is the most important indicator for us

Who is it for?

This product is mainly designed for customers whose business specificity and model differ from others or are considered large in volume and number of operations.

How is it applied?

In order to successfully apply ”Corpolead CRM | Special", our professional team first of all learns the wishes of the company and then makes the necessary changes in the existing functionality of the CRM platform. The duration of the project is determined at the first meeting with the client, since the nature of the client's wishes is the main factor here.

After the adaptation and installation works are finished, the client is constantly contacted for the flawless works of the CorpoLead platform and realization of new requests that may arise.

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