• Application of the most modern cloud technology

    Application of the most modern cloud technology

    Cloud technology is a more efficient solution, as it is a technology that doesn't require installation and you pay as you use it. This means that it is possible to obtain high quality at a much more reasonable price. Cloud systems are constantly being updated within their scope, and therefore relieve customers from difficulties such as downloading a new version. You can access your data in this system from any location and device. The availability of the device on which a software was installed is not important. This makes your jobs manageable from your office, home, or other devices when you are at work. Even if your computer or device is out of order, you can view your data, manage your affairs from other devices.


    Cloud technology is no less secure than your servers. Because updates and security work are constantly conducted here. The risk of data loss or failure is minimal. Unlike your own server, back-up works in cloud technology are done more frequently.

  • Accessible maintenance

    Accessible maintenance

    You can always contact us via our technical support services prepared by us and get help from our specialists. Since our CRM system does not require installation, we do not need to be next to the device used by every customer, and for this reason we can answer your questions online, solve your difficulties in a very short time.

  • Reasonable price policy

    Reasonable price policy

    We offer much more reasonable price compared to our alternatives. Because we do not have any worries as installation or on-site support that require means. The concept of “pay as you use” furnished to us by cloud technology allows us to keep our prices at an appropriate level.

  • Installation is not required

    Installation is not required

    This advantage relieves both us and our customers from many worries. First of all, we do not depend on any device or computer where the software is installed, and we can use CRM software anywhere we have internet access. In addition, the fact that installation is not required saves us time to provide you with better quality service, and also saves both sides from additional costs and benefits, whether as a human resource or as an equipment expense.

  • Keep up with your work wherever there is Internet

    Keep up with your work wherever there is Internet

    Need to decide when you are on vacation? Do you want to be aware of the decisions at the meeting when traveling? Are you interested in the result of your proposal after working hours? If you are connected to the internet, you can continue your work as in your office wherever you want.

  • A single tool

    A single tool

    The fact that customer relationship management, product stocks, human resources, tasks, event management and other tools are all on a different platform causes a loss of time along with a decrease in efficiency. The local CRM software we offer provides you with the tools you will use by collecting them on a single platform. This allows you to monitor and measure all processes on the same platform.

  • Constant and automatic updating of the platform

    Constant and automatic updating of the platform

    Unlike the installed programs, when "CorpoLead CRM", which works on the cloud technology we offer is updated by our programmers, users get immediately notified of these novelties and can use them. This also means that when any new module is available for use, you do not pay extra for this service nor expect it to be installed for use.

  • We change together with you

    We change together with you

    Corpolead - we do not ignore the suggestions and comments you address to the local CRM team. We process them on a special platform, select offers that are both in line with the company's strategic plans and more insisted upon by users and try to add them to our CRM software. We try to provide you with better quality service by improving with the suggestions from you.

  • Your program in your own style

    Your program in your own style

    Corpolead - you can design local CRM software according to your company's corporate style. By using CRM software in your company's corporate style, your employees will feel themselves in the environment they are accustomed to and achieve more effective results.

  •  Parametric structure

    Parametric structure

    Our CRM software has a parametric structure. Whether you prepare your proposals in Azerbaijani manats or in American dollars, add your products in meter units or liters - the structure of "CorpoLead CRM" takes into account many units and standards, as well as allows users to add new units and standards to the platform. Even if there is a variable that we do not take into account, you can use this information by adding it to the platform.

  • Our top priority is being a local product

    Our top priority is being a local product

    Taking into account the needs of local entrepreneurs, we have designed this software to support them on their way of development and be able to grow together. Instead of translating and presenting foreign and alien resources, we call sharing our own product with you an advantage for ourselves. Of course, we will have difficulties on this path, but we are confident that we will cope with them with the support we receive from you.

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