Security approach

Keeping data safe is one of the most important areas for Corpolead. For this reason, alongside with being developed on the basis of the latest approaches of cloud technology, necessary update work is constantly being carried out on the "Platform".

Cloud technology

It is an online data warehouse with high security standards, connected to more than one server, ensuring that the data can be easily used by customers. Data is stored and processed in a large virtual cloud when viewed through the client's eyes. Physically, these servers can be located at distances from each other at different geographical locations.

Advantages of cloud technology

Combining the latest technological innovations, cloud technology allows customers to access their data anywhere they have access to the internet, as well as to process and use this data. By means of this approach, the customer does not have to set up physical servers and is naturally relieved from the construction and support costs with regard to the physical servers. Because all this kind of works are done by the company that provides cloud technology.


How secure is cloud technology?

Unlike many physical servers, update and improvement works are more frequently made on the cloud technology. As it is constantly updated, the technology used is always the most modern and the best. Since the data stored is regularly reserved (backup) through this technology, these data is very unlikely to be lost. Even in the event of any malfunctions in the equipment of the customer, the probability of data protection is very high.   

As with all programs that customers install on their computers, cloud technology also makes it necessary to take certain measures. Thus, you need to make sure that you are using the latest versions of computers, browsers and anti-viruses, should not switch to unsafe links and update your passwords regularly.