Corpolead hotel is an email marketing tool which informs your customers during and after the visit, communicates with them continuously and informs them about innovations and campaigns. After the customer registration, you will be able to easily forward them to your services with an email such as “Our 10 services you need to know before visiting our hotel” or you can send them an email titled “Visit us again”.

360 degree customer satisfaction
The process that begins before your visitors arrive at the hotel will help you achieve maximum benefits by following them even after leaving the hotel.


Different approach for different visitor groups
You can take appropriate marketing steps by dividing your visitors into different groups and sending them different campaigns.


Registration history of visitors
Your customers information is in one tab and accessible.


Preference Planner
We ensure the comfort of your customers by delivering the special demands of the visitors to you.


Custom email templates for your hotel
You can prepare email templates in accordance with the corporate style of your hotel.


Send the services of your hotel to your customers
Send events and campaigns to special groups and invite them to your hotel.


Automatic “Welcome” and “Thank you for your stay” messages
Turn your customers into loyal customers with automatic emails sent to your registered customers under these headings.


Every email is private
Each e-mail sent to your customers only addresses to them and displays the information of the customer.


Reservation offer
Send your offer automatically to prospective customers.


Reservation amendment and cancellation
During these changes, you can automatically send an email to the customer.


Transfer service notifications
You can fully manage the transfer service process with notifications for registering and managing your hotel's transfer service.


Automatic invoice submission
You can send your receipts and invoices by email to visitors who have left the hotel.


Satisfaction survey
You can use the special form to measure how your customers evaluate you after visiting your hotel.


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