Service levels

Obligations on these levels of service are applied only to paid users of the CorpoLead platform, provided that the user account is in the proper state, the users follow the rules and conditions and there are no delays in payments.


Compensation for the breakage in service

CorpoLead makes all possible efforts to ensure that the platform works flawlessly for the 99,33% or more of the time stipulated per the payment realized by the user. If the flawless work period falls below the mentioned level, the following benefits shall be applied for the service fee:

Perfect work period

Discount on service fee

< 99,33 %

0 %

99–99,33 %

5 %

95–99 %

25 %

> 95 %

50 %

Depending on your choice the benefit period can be offered as a discount and free of charge use period. The benefits are not paid in the form of money.

The customers who faced a damage due to the defective work of the platform can apply with regard to this in the Contact section on the site by filling out the necessary information and the exact time of occurrence of the defect in a special form. Applications are received within 5 (five) working days at the latest after the end of the payment period during which the defect occurred, and CorpoLead will respond within 10 (ten) working days after examining the defect in its system logs.


Service requests

CorpoLead responds to service requests in accordance with the scheme indicated in the following schedule:

Urgency level


Response time

The highest
The Platform is not accessible to all users.


2 hours

The Platform is not accessible to some users.


3 hours

The problem involves some services or users. Other problems that can be bypassed.



1 day

All service requests must be made by filling out a special form on the CorpoLead website, and if the site does not work must be sent to e-mail address.


Back-up policy


In order to ensure data recovery in case of natural disaster/accident, CorpoLead performs data backup works on an hourly basis. Backup is carried out not on the main servers, but on other servers located in a completely different location. If a natural disaster/accident causes data loss, we will do our best to recover this data quickly at the expense of recent backup copies.